BlackBook Global provides expert and accurate marketing strategies, research and events to our clients. We understand that the success of our clients and our own success go hand-in-hand. At BlackBook Global, we ensure our office is a fun and positive work environment, creating a happy staff that takes pride in our work.

BlackBook Global does more than just meet goals; we are overachievers who are determined to make every meeting with our client a positive one to share information, review old goals and plan to meet new ones. We provide high-quality one-on-one meetings with our clients so that we can perfect every strategy to meet our client’s desires. BlackBook Global continues to succeed today because we believe in crafting a long-lasting relationship with our clients.


Megan Dynow 


To really grab a consumer’s attention, we at BlackBook Executives take it upon ourselves to conduct personalized one-on-one presentations to deliver a compelling demonstration on why our clients' products and services are the best fit for the target demographic.

Fernando Campos 
VP Marketing

Our philosophy is that our business can only keep on growing if our people do, too. For those reasons we do have an open door policy and a mentorship program within the company

Mezo Cooper

Marketing Specialist

We believe in training the leaders of tomorrow. In times of economic downturn, we decided to invest in our business by re-vamping our training methods. 



BlackBook Global is one of the leading providers of outsourced, customer acquisitions to a diverse range of clients. We play a key role in delivering marketing and event services that are truly remarkable by engaging as many senses as possible allowing us to truly imprint and make lasting impressions that lead to preference, advocacy and conversion. This is the standard that we strive towards.